Sushi: maki and nigiri

I'm going to tell you how to make two types of sushi: the typical roll, called Maki and the one that is a "ball" of rice with fish above, called Nigiri. I tell you first how to prepare the rice and then how to do the both types of sushi.

Japanese rice or rice of thick grain 250gr
Water  400ml, you will need more to wash the rice.
Vinegar of rice or a substitute 2 tablespoon.
It is important to wash well the rice to eliminate as much starch as possible. For that, put the rice under cold water until the water doesn't get white. Then put the rice in abundant water and leave it to rest during 10 minutes. In this point drain the rice and then put it in a ladle with 400ml of water, the water must not be warm. Put it in the fire and when the water starts boiling cover it and turn off the fire, or put it minimum if it is of gas. Leave this way during 10 minutes.

Extract it of the ladle and set it to cool in a not metallic tray. It must not get  wet once done. When the rice get cold, add the both spoonfuls of vinegar and move well. The rice is ready to prepare the sushi.

Algae Nori 3 leaves
Rice prepared before
Filling,  I have used raw tuna, 2 small sticks of crab, half a cucumber and half an avocado.

The algae must be roasted. 90 % from those who sell already comes this way.
To do the maki  is needed a small mat that allows us to roll it well, if we don't have any we can use a rag or a film. I advise you to put to the small mat film above since it takes the smell of the algae. Place the small mat perpendicular to the table. Puts on an algae on it and then, in a bit more of 2/3, put on the rice.

A tip: the rice sticks very much, so if you are going to work with the hands, wet them before.

In the center of the rice place the filling you have chosen and then to start rolling them from below. To end press well in order that the algae sticks and the maki remains sealed. We cut the cylinder of the thickness that we want.

Rice prepared before
 Seasoning to put above: raw fish (salmon, tuna, eel ...), octopus, shrimps... I have used salmon of which they sell already cut in slices

The nigiri is easier to prepare. Simply wet your hands to work with the rice. Take a spoonful of rice and, with the hand, press it up to obtaining a species of rectangle / cylinder. Then put a chunk of raw cut fish very slim or whatever you have decided to put. And it is ready.

Vinegar for rice:
25ml of white vinegar of apple, wine, fruits .... but that it must be white.
 25ml of water
 2 spoonfuls of white sugar.
Mix everything until the water is dissolved and it is already. Easy!!!

The sushi is eaten with wasabi and soy sauce.

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