Besos de novia (Bride's kisses)

How do the bride's kisses taste?If you don't know the answer you must eat this dessert. It is really good. 

This desserts are typical from Murcia, a spanish region, and they have this name because they usually are made for weddings. I found this recipe when I was searching something to do with a lot of carrots I have in my fridge. So if you don't know what to do with a lot of carrots make like me, and taste this dish. 

Besos de novia (Bride's kisses):
Ingredients for 4 persons
Carrots          500gr.
Egg              2unid.
Flour               250gr.
Baking powder         1packet
Sugar             150gr.
Cinnamon powder

Peel the carrots and cook them in boil water until they are tender, approximately 15 minutes. Put them out  and blend them to obtain a homogeneous mass, without grumes. Then beat the eggs and add them to the mass. Add  the flour, the baking powder and the sugar too. Mix all.

Put abundant oil in a frying pan. When it is very warm, take the mass with a spoon and with other spoon push it to the oill. Fry it approximately a minute for every side. Then put them out of the oil and put them in a plate with kitchen paper in order to dry them.

In a bowl put on sugar and cinnamon, a teaspoon of cinnamon for every two of sugar. With this coat the balls and ... eat them. This desert must be eaten warm, cold it isn't so good. So if you see that they are going to left over, take the mass before fry it and put it on the freezer.

Si quieres ver esta receta en español pincha aquí.

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