Apple and Onion Jam

This jam is ideal to eat with cheeses, meats... I hope that you decide to do it because jams are not difficult to do, the only thing that you need is time. If you want to complicate even less keep in mind that some baker-machines can do jams too. Mine is Clatronic BBA 3364 and it has this kind of program

Recipe of apple and onion jam:
 Onion 1kilo
 Apple 750gr
 Sugar 400gr
 Lemon 1unid.

Peel and puncture well the onions and the apples. Put the onion in a pan with little oil and cook them in very slow power until they are gilded. Don't forget to remove then occasionally. While, set the apples to soften with the sugar and the juice of the lemon.

When the onions are gilded, add them the apples and the juice. Cover them and leave them cooking slowly. Don't forget to remove them every five minutes or less. If you are going to use a baker-machine instead of putting everything in the pan, put in the pan of the bakermachine and select the option "jam".

While, take the jars that you are going to use for store the jam and get them into boiling water.

You will know that the jam is ready for the consistency and texture it has. Everyone knows the texture of jam. If you've used the baker machine and you see that, at the end of the program, is not ready, you will just select the program again and check until it  is ready.

If you have cut the fruit into big pieces and you dont like jam with pieces, just use the blender at the middle of the cook.

Put the jam when is still hot in the jars you have sterilized, close them and put them face down until they are cool. To verify that it has done well press the lid and check that it does not move.

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Cous cous salad

This recipe has two ways of being done: slow and traditional or rapid and easy, ideal for beginners. For the slow one we are going to cook the chickpeas so they must be put in water the day before, and we are going to do the cous cous of a traditional way, to the steam. For the rapid version we can use a boat of already cooked chickpeas and a package of the "modern" cous cous, which is done in a couple of minutes.
I still have cous cous of our last trip to Morocco so I'm going to use the traditional form. So I'm going to explain you How to do the traditional cous cous. For those who are going to use the other way you only have to follow the instructions of the packet of the cous cous.

Recipe of cous cous salad:
 300gr of Cous cous
 100 gr of Chickpea
 1 Tomato
 1 Onion
 1 Green pepper
 1 Carrot
 6 or 7 dates depending on the size
 Olive oil

The chickpeas must be put in water at least one night before and they must be rinsed before cooking them in the pot. Don't use the water that has been used during the night to cook them.

The cous cous is cooked to the steam in one special pot. This one consists of two parts, the top where the cous cous is placed, called Mafaradda and the bottom where the stew is placed, or in our case the chick-peas, called Marga (according to my Arabic friend it means "sauce"). But it is not necessary to have this kind of pot to prepare cous cous, you can use my trick: a high pot, a big colander and a lid. The bad thing is that with the colander I am unable to move the cous cous without throwing it.

Pues bien, colocamos los garbanzo con mucha agua en la parte de abajo y le añadimos una pastilla de caldo concentrado, y colocamos el colador encima. El agua debe quedar un dedo por debajo del colador. Antes de poner el cous cous en el colador debemos mojarlo con agua salada. Para ello ponemos el cous cous en un bol, añadimos un poco de agua con sal y movemos bien. Si vemos que es necesario añadimos más agua hasta que todo este húmedo. En este punto lo ponemos en el colador, tapamos y ponemos el fuego al máximo para que hierva el agua. Tened en cuenta que el cous cous aumentará de tamaño y que por tanto no podemos llenar el colador al máximo.

Lower a bit the fire when the water starts boiling, not too much, the water must continue boiling. Leave it like that during an hour. Every 10-15 minutes move the cous cous, otherwise the bottom part will stick forming balls and the top will not be done. Every time you are doing this, verify that always there is sufficient water and, if it is necessary, add more. An hour the chick-peas must be done but the cous cous will need half an hour more. So extract the chick-peas, drain them and leave them cooling while you continue doing the cous cous.
While clean and peel the vegetable. Cut them and the dates. Puncture a few leaves of coriander (that today I haven't got, sorry). When the cous cous is done leave it get cold. Once It is cold, add the rest of the ingredients and spice them with salt and oil.

 I hope that you like!!! And remember that there is a easy and rapid way to do this recipe, ideal for beginners.

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Coulant and coulant with white chocolate filling

The "normal" coulant is a small sponge cake with a really tasty hot chocolate filling. I want to tell you how to do this one and other more special, with whit chocolate filling.

Coulant's recipe:
 Ingredients for 5 units, 3 of black chocolate and 2 filling of white chocolate.
 Confectionary Chocolate  200gr
 Butter 200gr
 Flour  80gr
 Eggs 4unds
 Sugar 80gr

For the filling of white chocolate:
White chocolate 100gr
Butter 50gr
Yolk egg 1unid
Flour  20gr

Put the chocolate and the butter to the bain-marie until it melts. While separate the whites of the yolks and mount the whites. To mount the whites of egg they must be cold, when the whites are almost whisked add 20gr of the sugar.

In a bowl put the yolks and the rest of the sugar and move to mix everything. When the chocolate is warm add it to the yolks. Do not add if it is hot or the yolks get set. Add the flour sifted  and move to mix well. Next add the whisked whites, in order that they keep its texture it is necessary to to mix with a spoon, little by little, with slow movements.
The next step is preheat the oven to 180ºC and prepare the baking pans: smear them with butter and then sprinkle flour into them.
With the mass prepared before fill 3 bakings pans to ¾ , and fill other 2 to 1/2.

To prepare the white chocolate filling,  melt this one with the butter using the bain-marie. Take away it from the fire and wait until it is warm. Add the flour sifted and the yolk of egg. Put this filling it in a piping pan and "inject" it in the middle of the mass of the bakings pan that are full to the half.

With the baking pans ready you have two options: do them at once putting them in the oven or freeze them. If you freeze them you only have to put them directly in oven without defrosting when you want to eat them.
Hornear es el único punto “complicado”. Hay que hacerlos de manera que queden hechos por fuera pero líquidos por dentro. Para ello cuando los veamos hecho por fuera vamos pinchando con un palo  y este debe salir manchado de chocolate mientras que los bordes se deben haber despegado del molde. Si tienes invitados siempre puedes hacer uno o dos de más por si acaso lo sacas antes.
Baking is the only "complicated" point. It is necessary to keep an eye on them so that they remain made externally but with liquid filling. To get that when they seem cooking you have to prick them with a stick and check that the filling is liquid. If you have guests at home I advise you to prepare one on proof.

As soon as they are ready remove them from the pan and put them on a plate. You will see what a surprise when your guests take the first spoonful. Also you can do like I and present them with the chocolate already going out.

 I hope you like them!

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