Cinnamon Rolls

Today recipe needs some time to be made because the mass should rest until the yeast has acted. There are other recipes that use the baking powder, which does not need to rest. But I prefer this one because is the original one.
The units come in cups, every cup has 200ml.

 Strong flour/bread flour  5 cups
 Sugar white 1/2cup
 Milk             1cup
 Eggs            2unids
 Butter / margarine 1/3cup
 Salt               1 teaspoon
 Dried yeast   8gr

Butter / margarine       1/3cup
Brown sugar      1cup
Ground cinnamon       5tablespoon

Beat the eggs and put them in a big bowl.  Melt the butter, warm the milk and add all the ingredients of the mass in the bowl. Knead all the ingredients up to obtaining a homogeneous mass, like bread mass. If we see that it is necessary add more flour. Leave the mass ferments until it doubles its size, more or less an hour, depending on the temperature of the kitchen, the ideal temperature it is 25º-28ºC. If the temperature is not the suitable one there is a trick: preheat the oven at 40ºC. Then put the mass inside and turn off the oven. Leave the mass there 20-30minutes.

All this process can be simplified if we have a bread machine. Put all the ingredients of the mass in the bread machine remembering that the milk must be warmed and the butter melted. Select the program just to knead the mass. I have the Clatronic BBA 3364 and the program is 8. It spends, in the whole process, 1hour 30minutes.

Once we have the mass ready,  flour the surface where we are going to work. Extend the mass of rectangular form until it has an approximate size of 45x55cm.


Extend the butter for the whole mass. If we see that it is not enough we can use more.

In a bowl mix the cinnamon and the brown sugar. Spreads them over the butter. As before, there is no problem in using more if we see that we do not have for the whole mass.


Roll up the mass and cut it. The size must be one or two cm, depending on the size that we want them. Cut them with a good knife in order not to squash the mass. I have used a knife of bread.

Preheat the oven to 180ºC. While we put in a tray oven paper and put the rolls in it. They must be separated enough because they grow very much. Put them to the oven during approximately 20 minutes (the time depends according to the oven, the first time that you make them, take care to see the time that they spend on be ready).
These are the original Cinnamon rolls!!! They can be eaten alone, but if you want it is possible to put on them chocolate toppins or glazed,  or everything you want.

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